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CALL FOR PAPERS: Feminism and Institutions Workshop at CPSA 2011

A workshop on 'Feminism and Institutions: Theory and Practice' will be held as part of the 83rd Annual Conference of the Canadian Political Science Association, May 16-18, 2011 at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The workshop is organized by FIIN member Cheryl Collier (University of Windsor). Interested individuals are invited to submit their proposals by 3 November 2010.

Workshop 11 - Women, Gender, and Politics Feminism and Institutions: Theory, Practice and Power

Organizer: Cheryl Collier (University of Windsor)

Until recently, gender and politics scholars in Canada and elsewhere largely ignored the impact on women's politics of state architectures and institutions. However, several international networks, including the Feminism and Institutionalism International Network (FIIN) and the Feminist International Network on State Architectures (FINSA), have emerged, linking scholars whose work focuses on formal institutions and on the informal institutional practices, ideas and norms that structure political life. In 2009, the journal Politics and Gender published critical perspectives papers on 'feminist institutionalism' (vol. 5, 2) exploring intersections between feminism and theories of institutionalism. Publications also are slated to appear in 2010 which explore federalism and multilevel governance from a gendered perspective. This workshop will focus on this increasingly influential area of feminist political research by encouraging scholars engaged in the field to propose papers which examine the potential and limits of institutionalism as an approach to the study of gender and politics. Papers should consider why and how specific state structures and institutional arrangements and norms affect interactions between gender and politics; and/or assess how gender-focused research will expand the boundaries of 'mainstream' institutional scholarship. Proposers might also consider the parameters of emerging feminist institutional approaches; the impact of institutional characteristics such as age; and possible relations between institutional restructuring and changes in global/regional political economies. Proposals may address formal or informal institutions and focus on single country or comparative cases.

For further details on the workshop, please contact the workshop organizer Cheryl Collier.

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