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Dr Viola Burau

University of Aarhus

Viola Burau is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Aarhus. The research interests of Viola Burau lie in the governance of expertise, comparative health policy and methods of cross-country comparison. She has analysed issues of medical governance in Britain and Germany as they occur in the policy formulation process (Burau 2001). She has also worked with the notion of ‘occupational governance' as part of a comparative study of the policies and politics of nursing (Burau, 1999a, b, 2005), which she further developed through a joint project with Finnish colleagues (Burau et al. 2004, Henrikson et al. 2006). Together with Robert H Blank (2004) she has written a book on Comparative Health Policy, which also explores health policy issues at the margins of the political agenda. Building in on this she is currently working (with Hildegard Theobald and Robert H Blank) on a book comparing home care governance (to be published with Edward Elgar). Beyond that she has an interest in methodological issues relating to cross-country comparison, such as local comparisons (Burau and Kröger 2004) and the use of ideal types (Burau and Blank, 2006).

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